The Application / Certification Process

- Applicants fill out and submit the appropriate application.  There are now 2 Levels of Certification:  (1) Entry Level (2) Full Certification.

- Once submitted, the VGTA staff will follow up with confirmation or other informational needs / pictures / logos, etc.

- Confirmed partners will be announced via social media.

- Partners will be required to recertify every 2 years and report their progress.

- There will be options for on-site verification of green practices and assistance if desired by the applicants and higher levels of certification will be given for fully “verified” partners.

  • Hotels:   $125 (Entry);  $200 (Full)
  • Convention / Conference Centers:  $250 (Full only)
  • B&B’s / Restaurants / Wineries / Breweries / Smaller Attractions:  $50 (Entry) & $75 (Full)  
  • Larger Attractions:  $95 (Entry) & $150 (Full)
  • For Profit Events / Festivals:  $95 (Full only).  (Waived for government-/community-sponsored)

*Fundraisers & Support.  Fees can be waived in conjunction with plans for fundraising or designated 501c3 support for the Virginia Green Travel Alliance.