Over the past 10 years, 1800+ tourism businesses have voluntarily certified their environmental practices and been recognized as Certified Virginia Green Travel Partners. 


There are now 2 levels of participation: 

1. Commitment Level Certification only requires that basic commitments to sustainable practices are in place, such as recycling and energy & water conservation.  The commitment level application is in the tab below and available as an option for most types of tourism partners.

2. Full Certification requires that a number of several sustainable practices are fully implemented for a larger array of environmental media. 

The pictures below are linked to the on-line version of the Full Certification Applications. 

The tabs below are to word.doc & .pdf versions of the applications that you can use as a worksheet or you can scan and submit if you like to  The Commitment Level version is only available on the black tab below.  

online applications

Hotels, B&B’s, Attractions, Parks, Restaurants, Wineries, Breweries, etc.

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Green Festivals & Events

Conference & convention centers


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