Certification Program Partners

In the Fall of 2017, the VGTA assumed lead responsibility for the Virginia Green Travel Certification process.  All 3 of the original program partners will continue to support the program in the following way.   

Virginia DEQ will:
 Continue to provide technical resources and oversight of the Virginia Green Certification content.
Maintain the Virginia Green website and resources until new website development is complete.
Shift into role of providing technical assistance to individual tourism businesses when possible.
Continue to support the annual awards and conference.


VGTA will:
Receive and approve all Virginia Green Certification applications.
 Post the certified partners on its website and share with program partners and consumers via social media, newsletters, etc.
Administer a certification program that must be renewed every 2 years.
Continue to administer all outreach efforts including the annual awards and conference.   


Virginia Tourism will:
 Continue to recognize the Virginia Green program members on their listings
Maintain the consumer interface – VirginiaGreenTravel.org. 
Periodically feature Virginia Green partners and initiatives statewide.   
Virginia Restaurant Lodging & Travel Association will:
 Continue to promote Virginia Green to its partners and in its printed and on-line publications.
Shift the administration of the Virginia Green Suppliers Network to the VGTA.
Seek to partner with VGTA on future conferences and educational programs.